The Deaconess University College, School of Nursing

The nursing education is a three and one-half year program consisting partly of theoretical and partly of clinical education. The program is comprised of 14 modules spanning 7 semesters and is based on nursing science, the health sciences, the natural sciences, the human science, and the social sciences.

Graduates are entitled to the title Bachelor of Sciences in Nursing. The holder of the title is authorized to practice as a Registered Nurse in accordance with the laws of the Danish parliament on authorization.

For further information about the nursing curriculum:

Ministerial Order on the Bachelor of Science in Nursing Programme (pdf)

Academic regulations for The Bachelor of Science in Nursing / Study Guidelines, 2008 (pdf)

For information about admission requirements and financial support check the following website:

International exchange
The school has a long tradition of education characterised by community, international understanding and an open meeting between people.

We emphasise international exchange, we encourage students to study abroad, we welcome international students at our school.
Foreign students who would like to study at our school through an exchange program, should ask their own institution to contact our school's international coordinator:

Jan B. W. Pedersen, international coordinator, associate professor
Phone: 38 38 44 44

For further information, please check exchange program for students of foreign nursing schools

A coveted nursing school with a proud heritage
The Deaconess University College, School of Nursing (UCD) was originally founded in 1863 by the sisters of The Danish Deaconess Foundation and is the oldest nursing school in Denmark. It has ever since earned the reputation of being one of the most prominent schools in the country. UCD has the greatest amount of applicants compared to its size. The grade averages among both applicants and graduates are among the highest in the country. The nursing education program at UCD is also highly respected among health institutions in the community for its academic standards and clinical care standards.

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Traditional values in a modern society
The school has a long tradition of education characterized by community, international understanding, and a genuine meeting between people. We emphasize care provision for all, especially for the underprivileged and the marginalized both in the local and global society.

Values in the Deaconess School of Nursing education
At UCD School of Nursing we focus on caring, competence, and professionalism. The values of the nursing school are rooted in the values of The Danish Deaconess Foundation. These values are reflected in our intentions, actions, and development as well as in our active involvement in society.


UC Diakonissestiftelsen Sygeplejeskolen
Peter Bangs Vej 1, entrance 5
2000 Frederiksberg

Phone: +45 38 38 44 44

for international exchange students:
International coordinator
Jan B. W. Pedersen
Phone: 38 38 44 44

for students transferring from other nursing schools:
Student counsellor
Anni Bendtsen
Phone: 38 38 44 42
Tuesdays 9-12, Thursdays 12.30-3.30