Studying abroad

Studying abroad: International exchange agreements
The nursing school at UCD has formal agreements with universities in the Nordic countries, the University of Virginia in USA, and the University of Kathmandu in Nepal.

It is possible for our nursing students to study abroad through collaboration with other nursing schools such as the national agreement with Australia and Bangkok and as well as several Erasmus+ agreements.

It is also possible for our students to find own clinical placement in another country, so-called free-moving, either in Europe, Africa, Asia, or Canada. There are several NGOs that offer opportunities for studying abroad in clinical internships. Clinical placements of free-movers must be approved by the nursing school.

Students at UCD can apply for studying abroad from the 4th semester on. It is possible to study more than one module abroad.

Here are the modules one can apply to study abroad:

  • Module 6: Chronically Ill patients and citizens in own home
  • Module 8 (Nordic countries): Mentally ill patients/ citizens and marginalized groups
  • Module 10 (University of Virginia): Acute and critically ill patients
  • Module 11: Complex Clinical Practice
  • Module 12: Independent Nursing Practice
  • Module 13: Elective: Culture, Care & Cosmopolitanism: An Ethical Approach to Communicating 
    and Caring in Culturally Diversified Societies


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