More information about UCD Nursing School

The school where you are more than just a number

Deaconess University College admits 86 students each academic year: 43 students in the fall semester, which begins at the end of August and 43 in the spring semester, which begins in the beginning of February.


Students get to know their professors well and vice versa. This creates an atmosphere of trust and accountability in both lessons and examinations.

Open doors

The educational environment at the Danish Deaconess Nursing School is characterized by a close relationship. There is an “open door” policy, where students can easily contact a teacher concerning academic, professional, or personal issues. A student counselling policy has been established which has helped students with difficulties to complete their education. The completion rate and grade average by graduation of UCD students are among the highest in Denmark.

Having a voice
There are plenty of activities for students to have an influence and it is easy to become a member or representative in one of many committees at the school, such as the Student Council. International Committee, the Student Orientation Trip Committee, the Physical Activity on Schedule Committee . Your opinions matter, so you will be heard.

Great environment for students
The town of Frederiksberg, where Deaconess University College is situated is an attractive and safe location bordering on Scandinavian's biggest city, Copenhagen.

It is only minutes away from the center of Copenhagen either by train, bus, or bike. Copenhagen is a modern cosmopolitan city with a great variety of cultural activities, such as museums, small and large concerts, music festivals, cinemas showing movies in English, libraries and cafés.

Being the capital of Europe's oldest monarchy, there are many castles to visit in and around Copenhagen. And then there is Tivoli Gardens, which is open both in the spring, summer and Christmas seasons.

The Danes are friendly and relaxed, and most can speak and understand English.

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