Internationalization - in english

Jan B. W. Pedersen

International coordinator
Phone: 38 38 44 44


To focus on cross-cultural and international issues of health and society in order to develop the students’ competence in providing care for people in a culturally diversified and a multi-ethnic society


  • To focus on international research results, so the students can apply them in their theoretical and clinical studies
  • To develop students’ language competence in English by conducting lessons in English
  • To engage students and staff in creating a welcoming environment for visiting students and teachers

We encourage students to participate as:

  • “tutors”, who help foreign students thrive in the study and social environment at the nursing school and in their spare time - read more here
  • members of the International Committee where exchange policies and strategies are discussed 

and decided - read more here

We expect that everyone, both students and educators, contribute to making the stay of our visiting students and educators as positive and fruitful as possible and engage in a genuine exchange of professional knowledge.

It is an excellent opportunity for making new friends and establishing professional networks across the globe.