Incoming Exchange Students

International exchange

The school has a long tradition of education characterised by community, international understanding and an open meeting between people.

The Deaconess University College, School of Nursing offers the exchange student an opportunity:


  • To study at a highly esteemed school with high standards in education and nursing care
  • To study nursing in clinical settings in the community or the at a hospital in a modern welfare health system
  • To develop transcultural competence and intercultural communication skills
  • To participate in an individualized study program suited to the students’ own curriculum requirements
  • To experience being part of a student environment characterized by a friendly social 
    atmosphere with the opportunity for developing future professional networks and new personal friendships

It is possible to study the following modules at UCD; School of Nursing

• Clinical modules

  • Module 6: Chronically Ill patients and citizens in own home
  • Module 8 (Nordic countries): Mentally ill patients/ citizens and marginalized groups
  • Module 11: Complex Clinical Practic
  • Module 12: Independent Nursing Practice

• Theoretical module:

  • Module 13: Elective

PDF about our exchange program

International elective course

• Culture, Care & Cosmopolitanism: An Ethical Approach to Communicating and 
Caring in Culturally Diversified Societies

This elective aims at increasing the student’s cultural competence by combining cultural field work abroad or in Denmark with theoretical reflection about globalization and world citizenship. We aim to create a multi-cultural forum through active participation in group discussions and exercises.